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Trying to build your own business or brand on social media but don’t know where to begin? I get it, that was me a few years ago! I’m a former professional dancer and business school grad turned social media maven. I know what it’s like to have to create a presence on social media because I did it (and am still doing it!) for myself and other brands. It’s time consuming, stressful and sometimes confusing, but it’s also FUN. I want to help you hone your strategy, increase your social footprint, and ultimately grow your business. 

I’ve worked at agencies, start-ups, and in-house for consumer packaged goods companies and for me, it’s so much more than building a picture-perfect Instagram feed. The key is to focus on conversions, not just your number of followers. I’ll turn your personal story into your brand, whether you’re marketing yourself or goods and services. 




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STRATEGY IDEATION And/or execution

People fall in love with brands on social that offer them value. I can hone your business’s unique value proposition, who your customer base is, how we can reach them, and how often we should try. By creating the ideal content mix and strategy, I can cater to your desired KPI’s whether that’s fan growth, engagement, reach, etc.


With 5+ years of experience in copywriting as well as social-friendly photography and basic graphic design knowledge, I will not only source content for you, but create it, as well.


In an age of algorithms and ever-changing social trends, the key to building a loyal fan base is engagement. It’s time consuming, but it works, and that’s where i come in. I’ll make sure your current community is engaged, but will also actively reach out to those who might not know you yet and may want to become part of your community, too.


As an “influencer” myself, I know what content creators respond to. They receive hundreds of messages a day, so it’s my job to make sure ours stands out. I’ll find the ideal, cost-effective influencers to authentically support and rep your brand, and handle all communication to build those relationships and make sure campaigns are executed with the highest quality.


By tracking your growth, engagement, impressions, reach, sentiment, and carry out a competitor analysis, we can understand exactly what is working and what’s not when it comes to your social approach. From there, I’ll provide key takeaways and next steps so we can refine our strategy.

one-on-one coaching

There’s no one-size-fits-all model when it comes to creating a social strategy. My coaching sessions offer personalized, tailored solutions and tools to help you build your business on your terms. I’ll walk you through the aspects of social you need to understand, and teach you my tried and true tricks for social growth.


people do not buy goods and services. they buy relations, stories and magic.
— Seth Godin


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